Friday, September 12, 2008

yellow power

Bringing back my favorite ukay ukay model... wearing a striking yellow top, enjoy :)

UKAY UKAY SHOPPING TIP: Don’t look for labels but for clothes that you’re looking.  True, you can find great signature items at a very low price in ukay ukay stores but you dont shop at ukay ukay for brands, you're there to find unique and chic items.  Dont be a label whore. ;)


Gem said...

Wow! Ang ganda! One of the best halukay finds - in my opinion!

I was a label whore when I was young, but there was this one friend of mine who really dresses well. When I looked closer at her outfit.. di pala branded. But that outfit looks really hot on her.

itot54joni said...

kow inlove n nmn ako.ano nga pla name niya?kung bigyan ko siya ng brndnew top e suotin niya kya.joke.ahehehe

YoungCan said...

I like the belt it compliments the top... *Og tie a yellow ribbon on the old oak tree bwaahahahaha!!!* Cory Power!!!

Ano yong chorva sa belt nya? Teargas???

SHIELA said...

nice find...and bagay sa model mo.

melai said...

naku! sisikat sya pramis :)Oh I like the top! di halatang ukay-ukay...pwede mo ko padalan sis lol!

fortuitous faery said...

wow...shimmery blouse! with peek-a-boo sleeves pa.

maybe you should turn this blog into a book! may tips pa... :P

Rey said...

women can always get away with ukay ukay finds. great model too.

pusa said...

@gem - fanalo diba? hehehe
ako ever since i'm not into branded clothes, as logn as gusto ko at ok ang fit sa akin keri na :)

@itot - hala ka isusumbong na talaga kita sa misis mo!!! LOL

@youngcan - diba ganda ng belt, keyword = accesories hehehe, achully gelatin yun pag nagugutom pwede kainin LOL

@shiela - thanks ukay is the best talaga

@melai - oo malapit na syang maging artista :)
hmm nakow mas mahal pa ang shipping ng ipapadala ko kesa item hehehe

@fortuitous faery - ganda no? hehehe thanks for your vote of confidence lol marami pang kakaining bigas ang blog na ito hahaha

@rey - wait when you see my mens ukay ukay post! :D

Leidyundercover said...

You're a trendy cat!

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