Thursday, September 11, 2008

ukay ukay stores at carriedo

i've mentioned in my previous post that i will show you where i bought the two dresses, so here is where exactly i found them...

so where is this ukay ukay store located? it is along the stretch of avenida or carriedo. actually you can find lots of ukay ukay stores along avenida, starting from recto till carriedo. in case you dont know where carriedo is, just ride the LRT and get off at carriedo station.

in case you cant find an ukay ukay clothes or item that you like, you need not worry that your trip is wasted, as i have said this stretch is full of ukay ukay stores (avenida used to be the fashion hub of manila, i guess you can now say its an ukay ukay hub as well hehehe)

to those of you wondering how an ukay ukay store looks like, here it is ...

this is what you'll see inside an ukay ukay store, racks and racks of used clothing sorted by skirts, tops, pants, etc.  this particular store is really small, some ukay ukay store even have bags hanging and display of shoes.

as i have mentioned before be warned, most ukay ukay stores doesnt have air conditioning and no fitting room.  in case you are allergic to dust this aint the place for you but that can be remedied i think by taking antihistamine before shopping. 


Gem said...

Buti na lang malamig dito sa Baguio. Centralized aircon kasi, people would say!

Fitting room is just a piece of cloth that the sales lady would spread out, one end tied to the wall and the other held by her.

pusa said...

@gem - swerte talaga nyo at centralized ang aicon jan heheheh, yung SM nga jan diba laki tipid sa electricity bill :)

uh huh you're right, sometimes they will hold the cloth for you, pray they dont drop it off while your undress hehehe

reyna elena said...

'day! putok na putok ang ukay ukay mo! this is gonna be your advocacy from now on bwi hi hi hi! and you are gonna be one big ukay ukay cover gurl! sali ako when dot happens hehehe kelangan sumakay ako sa siliberty status mo hahaha congratz!!!

joanjoyce said...

may plus size din ba sa ukay ukay na shashy kasi ako magtanong kasi baka wala hehehehe..

pusa said...

@reyna elena - hehehe salamat, susunog magtatayo na rin ako ng totoong ukay ukay store bwahahahah

@joanjoyce - oo naman! as in all sizes and colors available sa ukay ukay =)

DarkArt said...

ate baka me alam kang ukay ukay store na nagbebenta ng jogging shorts, racer shorts, singlets na nike, adidas, o kahet ano sabihan mo nman ako at susugurin ko yung lugar! hahaha! ^,..,^

ym: darkart_21
thanks! ^,..,^

pusa said...

@DarkArt - hmmmm marami ako nakikita na mga joggings shorts sa mga ukay ukay stores pero di ko maala kung saan, pero try mo sa bambang alam ko marami sila dun ng mga nike at adidas

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