Tuesday, September 30, 2008

september top EC droppers

thanks to my top ten entrecard droppers, here's a link love for you guys.  i'll try to send the 50EC later, i am having a problem transfering the EC credits as of this writing, it seems entrecard is having some glitch due to the overhaul of the entrecard economy.  

i would also like to inform you that i am no longer giving out EC credits to my top droppers for the month of october and for the next months to come. i am sorry but it is a bit difficult sending EC with the new system adopted by entrecard and they are now charging you a percentage when sending EC credits, so as much as i want to continue giving EC credits i am sorry.  but is will still give a link love to my top entrecard dropper every month. thanks guys

UPDATE: I was able to send out the 50EC credits to my top 5 droppers but got an error that i've already sent a maximum of 14 transfer of EC for the week! i guess they included those unsuccessful EC transfer i've made last night when sending the EC, anyways to the bottom half of my top droppers, i'll send your EC credits next week.  i hope entrecard resolve these issues soon. *sigh*


Talen said...

You don't have to send me any credits. I drop on your blogs because I enjoy them so I've already been rewarded. :)

fortuitous faery said...

hey miss pusa! what happened to your heyokity page? it's taking me to the google homepage! strange!

i'm tagging you here instead...



pusa said...

@talen - thanks, but i've sent it anyway to show my appreciation, i enjoy dropping by on your site too :)

@fortuitous faery - last itme i check its still up but not updated heheheheh, checked ur tag, thanks will do that sometime medyo natatamad magblog ang lola eh :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the EC, link love and reciprocal drop..


pusa said...

@arthur - you're welcome, i enjoy dropping EC too, i think its already an addiction LOL

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