Sunday, August 31, 2008

my top 10 entrecard droppers

Big thanks to my top 10 entrecard droppers for the month of August.
i've already sent you the 50EC in your account.. keep on dropping :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sisley skirt

sisley skirt for 50 pesos, bought at an ukay ukay store somewhere in pasig. i remember when me and my friend went to the chocolate clothing co. sale but end up frustrated because even though they were on sale the items are still pricey, so we went up to this ukay ukay store near palengke and was able to buy five items each for less than 500 pesos!

UKAY UKAY SHOPPING TIP: bring enough cash when you know you're going to shop at an ukay ukay store, because you might see beautiful items but if you got short and had to let go the good finds you'll end up kicking yourself :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

ukay ukay fashion

my favorite model gracing my blog again! :) this ruffa mae look alike really knows how to wear her great ukay ukay finds. the long sleeves she's wearing is only 35 pesos from an ukay ukay shop near a palengke at bicutan. if you haven't seen it here you would not even think that that beautiful blouse is from ukay! hehehe

UKAY UKAY SHOPPING TIP: wear your ukay ukay clothes like it's the most fabulous thing, wear it with your equally stylish clothes and look like a million bucks.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

rainy wednesday

a rainy wednesday, sigh all because of the tropical storm karen. good thing i have these trusty long sleeves from ukay ukay that is good for the cold weather. my mother bought this for me from an ukay ukay near our place, in an ukay ukay at the palengke (market) to be exact! for only 50 pesos. have a great day, even if its raining (yey i can use my new hello kitty umbrella) :D

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ukay ukay bag

Ukay ukay is not limited to clothes, you can also shop for bags and shoes, just like my friend who got his nice bag for 100 pesos.

Monday, August 18, 2008

morgan dress

As i've mentioned in my previous post, i'll be featuring ukay ukay finds of my friends as well. Here's a very nice find, a Morgan dress for only 50 pesos at an ukay ukay store in Baclaran. My friend was just walking at Baclaran area and she saw this dress displayed. Great find isnt it?

UKAY UKAY SHOPPING TIP: If you see an ukay ukay store , no matter how unassuming it is or how shabby the store looks like, dont hesitate to look... you just might find a treasure inside. :) have a happy ukay ukay shopping

Sunday, August 17, 2008

skirty announcement

i know i look so happy in this picture, who wouldn't when i've got this very chic skirt for only 40 pesos! bought this at the ukay ukay shop at Monumento circle (near the mercury drug).

i dont know what kind of fabric it is but its shiny and the slit and waist band is made of leather, and whenever i am wearing this skirt i saw girls envying (most prolly wondering where i got this skirt) hehehe

so what are you waiting for? go to your nearest ukay ukay store now!

ANNOUNCEMENT: aside from my own ukay ukay finds, i'll also feature my friends' great ukay ukay selection here. and if you also want to contribute or share to the world you fabulous ukay ukay finds, please email me at heyokity(at) know when a great ukay ukay sale is happening? drop me an email and i'll post it here for the bargain hunters and soon to be ukay ukay fans out there. :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

ukay ukay shopping tips

you like the dress? i bought it for less than 35 pesos only! yep less than 35 pesos folks! bought it on sale at 3 for 100 in an ukay ukay store at Monumento (near the mercury store). ready to shop at ukay ukay now?

here are some tips when shopping at ukay ukay

1. wear comfortable clothes - i guess that is self explanatory

2. learn how negotiate - in short makipagtawaran ka, bring out you best haggling bud or practice the art of haggling. remember there are no fixed price at ukay ukay stores! it would help if you buy more items for a greater discount.

3. dress down - how can you haggle if you are wearing your baro't saya or tuxedo at ukay ukay? they'll figure you can pay more and dont need a discount at all

4. ask when is the new arrival schedule - the best stuff are in the first box opened. a bit expensive than their "sale" items which are usually napagpilian na.

5. be charming - you dont need to hit on the saleslady/salesboy or pakyut, you just have to be nice and they'll give you extra service. and when you get to know them and becomes their suki you can even ask them to text you when is their new arrival coming.

6. know your size - i find shopping at ukay ukay very easy, because one look at a dress or shirt i already know that it will fit, i dont even need to try it on. besides soem ukay ukay store doesnt have a fitting room, just one full length mirror.

7. grab what you like - trust me on this one. its better that you get heaps of clothes dangling in your arm than be sorry to find that the item you liked is no longer in the rack, or you cant actually remember where you saw it.

8. check, check, check - make sure that before you pay for the item, you already check if the zipper is ok, no buttons are missing, no stains.

Friday, August 15, 2008

ukay ukay 101

welcome and let me share with you my wonderful finds at ukay ukay!

but first let me give you UKAY UKAY 101

what is ukay ukay? ukay ukay is Visayan for sift through or dig up. or for the tagalogs short form from halukay. or to make it sound more sosyal, we call them U.K. you get to find the best bargains by digging them or sifting through the items, or literally dusting them off. considered to be the best phenomenon to ever hit the Philippines. :)

ukay ukay is jologs! NOT! yes bargains from ukay ukay are cheap and very affordable, but patrons of the ukay ukay are not only the minimum wage earner trying to make ends meet but also some upscale fashionista on the hunt for one-of-a-kind quality outfits.

ukay ukay is unique. i am telling you it is better to shop at ukay ukay because your finds are unique and it is less likely that you'll bump into another person wearing the same outfit. and besides a 1000 peso dress in the mall that is produced by the thousands is worth less than 100 in ukay ukay and you are sure that it is a one of a kind in the whole archipelago.

ukay ukay fashion.
amidst the economic crisis, the ukay ukay has become the Filipino’s practical way of staying chic and fashionable. cheap but fashionable, i repeat - cheap but fashionable! you get to look like a million bucks even if you're wearing a less than 1$ dress.

ukay ukay on hygiene. some snobbish and OC person shriek at the tohgout of wearing a used clothing, but haller of course we ukay ukay buyers wash and clean the garments thoroughly before wearing them! well i cant really blame you cause at the height of the meningococcemia outbreak at Baguio the ukay ukay's name was tarnished but then again that didnt kill the ukay ukay industry.

ukay ukay shopping. shopping at ukay ukay is a unique experience, sure it isn't really glamourous sifting through dusty clothes but nontheless its worth every sweat! actually its better to shop at ukay ukay who doesnt have aircon because you'll get to find cheaper items in those hole in the wall shop.

enjoy!!! :)

fashion on a budget

enjoy the unique ukay-ukay shopping experience, stay chic and fashionable without hurting your budget - get ready to look like a million bucks for less