Friday, February 27, 2009

pusa's hat

meow hat, bought from this ukay ukay store for only 50 pesos :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

ukay ukay warning

on a side note, here's a plea or an ukay ukay warning to shop lifters :)

found this sign at the 3rd floor shop

why the notice no changing of price tag please? because the sellers cannot really know which rack you get your skirt or dress, could be in the bargain section or in the new arrival section, i imagine how hard it is for them to keep track because most of the time the prices are just those small neon stickers that you can easily flick, and they were just counting on the goodness of their customers :)

ukay ukay shorts

i'm not sure if i already mentioned that ukay ukay stores are being visited by men not only because of their cool and unique shirts but also because of the shorts.
tons of shorts to choose from

3rd floor ukay ukay store

this is the at 3rd floor of the ukay ukay store at hildago street in quiapo,... and i am telling you this store is BIG! about 600 square meters in size so you could imagine how much ukay ukay stuff you can find here!
as with all other ukay ukay stores, the prices for "old stuff" are at a bargain price like 50 pesos each or 3 for 100 thingy... but the new arrivals price range is from 80 pesos

see these shoes? heheheh i didnt like any and most of the shoes they're selling aren't good or i guess the good ones were already gone :)

really tons and tons of clothes, shirts, jeans, dress, shorts, as in everything... the last time i visited this shop they were even selling cup D brassieres! LOL OMG i playfully put one of the cap in my head, could pass as a hat :)
they even have bed covers on sale :D

if you're really looking for a bargain ukay ukay store around metro manila, quaipo and carriedo street is the place you should go to. because i know bambang is a well known ukay ukay store but trust me those guys over there are selling their stuff at a marked up price and they are already separating the "signature" items form the rest.. unlike in this store, or any other store at avenida and quiapo, you just have to have the patience and time to look for a really great find.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

green jacket

saw this patch filled jacket at the 2nd floor ukay ukay store in hidalgo

you dig this kind of jacket? asked the saleslady how much is this stuff and she said they're selling it for 300... you like?

ukay ukay store at quiapo

i think i've already mentioned before that there are lots of ukay ukay stores at quiapo, along hidalgo street to be exact, you can find them in the sidewalk or in those hole in the wall shops. this store with dried fish at the ground floor together with ukay ukay clothes doesnt look enticing, but as i have said before, dont underestimate this stores because they have treasures inside, you just have to know how to find it :)

it's actually a three storey ukay ukay store, the ground floor is actually small and difficult to choose from here, but as you go up the selling area becomes bigger, the second floor caters mostly to mens stuff, but i really liked how they dressed up the manequin :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

another LV bag from ukay ukay

my model was gracious enough to bring her Louis Vuitton (saumur) bag from ukay ukay for me to take pictures :)

The Saumur shoulder bag is a modern interpretation of the classic saddle shape. It boasts a particularly practical design, with two spacious compartments joined together by a buckle.

no this LV bag aint for sale, but this one LV bag and gucci wallet still at the store last time i check, so if you're interested check them out here.

Friday, February 20, 2009

LV at ukay ukay?

saw this louis vuitton bag at connor's retro shop, you like? i think this is a petite noe LV bag which was initially created to hold champagne bottle :)

gucci wallet at ukay ukay

are you one of those who like signature items? a gucci wallet like this one? but doesnt have the money to buy the real stuff? you're in luck!
there's a gucci wallet at ukay ukay store in makati, if you're interested you can visit their store at cityland tower 8

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

zara dress

zara dress from ukay ukay

Sunday, February 08, 2009

pretty dress from ukay ukay

i really really love this dress though i haven't wear it yet, tried it on twice and i love the way it hugs my body... cant wait to wear it now that i washed it (oh yeah been busy and i havent really got the time to wash it (been sitting in the hamper for weeks now) .

anyways, am so glad that my cousin is taller than myself, because she was visiting at our house (actually she stayed for a couple of days because she's finishing her masterals) when i tired this dress on and showed my mother. she really like it as well and the only reason why she didnt took it away from is yeah she's taller than me and as it is this dress is just the right length (knee length) with my height. hehehe great that it wont fit her because i know i cant say no to her if she asked me to give her this one. but anyways i gave her a very nice black top with a really wicked button collar (dang i forgot to take a photo of that blouse before giving it to her)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

how to wash ukay ukay clothes properly

i am receiving lots of question on how to properly wash clothes that are from ukay ukay. yes, we have to be careful as well when buying stuff from ukay ukay, one of the reason why others are hesitant to buy ukay ukay clothes in the first place is because of heygenic reasons. but i am telling you again, as long as you know how to properly wash your ukay ukay clothes, its as good as new.

how do i wash my ukay ukay finds?
  1. first i soak it up in hot water as initial cleaning
  2. then i mix a solution of lysol and detergent powder and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. (if you are worried that the fabric is delicate or there will be discoloration, soaking it up in hot water and soap is okay, because lysol is a bit strong so i suggest you use it moderately)
  3. rinse the clothes properly then wash it again with your trusted detergent soap, i always wash my ukay ukay finds by hand when i got it from the store (but the second and succeeding wash is okay, you just treat is like your normal clothes). why i prefer washing it by hand? because if by hand i am sure that i get to wash the delicate are especially the collar and armpit part.
  4. then if you're satisfied that it is already clean and smelling good after the second wash, rinse it thoroughly and soak it with fabric conditioner to smell good. :)

Friday, February 06, 2009

zara blazer

a cute brown zara blazer from ukay-ukay (bought this at this makati ukay ukay store). am just so glad that i was able to stop myself buying from zara store at glorietta last weekend because you know how cheap i am LOL, i hate to spend a fortune in clothes, if i can buy it in ukay ukay why spend more diba?

well anyways it really a good thing that i didnt buy any when i was at the zara store, i was texting my baby that i saw really beautiful clothes at zara (their items are really beautiful, its just they are expensive) and was told that just buy zara at ukay ukay LOL
and here i am, with a zara blazer from ukay ukay :D which is wayyy cheaper hehehehe

will post a photo of me wearing this. it's just havent got a chance to wear this yet, i only wash it today hehehe.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

ukay-ukay top

i have said before that most of the clothes i have in my closet are in color black, i am trying to experiment and be bold now, i dont want to wait for me to become 60year old before i have the guts to wear something colorful or a bit out of something that i normally wear...i dont have any excuse if you see me wearing this colorfull ukay ukay top, could be i am ecentric or just going nuts! hehehehe

but really i love this ukay-ukay top when i saw it. even if it doesnt have the :hanger" appeal but if you wear it you'll know that it'll fit perfectly on you and after i tried it on i love it even more. i'll post a photo when i wear this top, and you be the judge if this is a good buy or not :)

UKAY UKAY SHOPPING TIP: sometimes there are clothes that doesn't look good just hanging in the rack, but if you get attracted to the fabric or the style it means that that dress or clothe has potential... just try it on, you'll be surprised to know that it look better in a body than in the hanger.

fashion on a budget

enjoy the unique ukay-ukay shopping experience, stay chic and fashionable without hurting your budget - get ready to look like a million bucks for less