Friday, February 06, 2009

zara blazer

a cute brown zara blazer from ukay-ukay (bought this at this makati ukay ukay store). am just so glad that i was able to stop myself buying from zara store at glorietta last weekend because you know how cheap i am LOL, i hate to spend a fortune in clothes, if i can buy it in ukay ukay why spend more diba?

well anyways it really a good thing that i didnt buy any when i was at the zara store, i was texting my baby that i saw really beautiful clothes at zara (their items are really beautiful, its just they are expensive) and was told that just buy zara at ukay ukay LOL
and here i am, with a zara blazer from ukay ukay :D which is wayyy cheaper hehehehe

will post a photo of me wearing this. it's just havent got a chance to wear this yet, i only wash it today hehehe.

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