Saturday, February 07, 2009

how to wash ukay ukay clothes properly

i am receiving lots of question on how to properly wash clothes that are from ukay ukay. yes, we have to be careful as well when buying stuff from ukay ukay, one of the reason why others are hesitant to buy ukay ukay clothes in the first place is because of heygenic reasons. but i am telling you again, as long as you know how to properly wash your ukay ukay clothes, its as good as new.

how do i wash my ukay ukay finds?
  1. first i soak it up in hot water as initial cleaning
  2. then i mix a solution of lysol and detergent powder and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. (if you are worried that the fabric is delicate or there will be discoloration, soaking it up in hot water and soap is okay, because lysol is a bit strong so i suggest you use it moderately)
  3. rinse the clothes properly then wash it again with your trusted detergent soap, i always wash my ukay ukay finds by hand when i got it from the store (but the second and succeeding wash is okay, you just treat is like your normal clothes). why i prefer washing it by hand? because if by hand i am sure that i get to wash the delicate are especially the collar and armpit part.
  4. then if you're satisfied that it is already clean and smelling good after the second wash, rinse it thoroughly and soak it with fabric conditioner to smell good. :)

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