Sunday, February 01, 2009

ukay-ukay top

i have said before that most of the clothes i have in my closet are in color black, i am trying to experiment and be bold now, i dont want to wait for me to become 60year old before i have the guts to wear something colorful or a bit out of something that i normally wear...i dont have any excuse if you see me wearing this colorfull ukay ukay top, could be i am ecentric or just going nuts! hehehehe

but really i love this ukay-ukay top when i saw it. even if it doesnt have the :hanger" appeal but if you wear it you'll know that it'll fit perfectly on you and after i tried it on i love it even more. i'll post a photo when i wear this top, and you be the judge if this is a good buy or not :)

UKAY UKAY SHOPPING TIP: sometimes there are clothes that doesn't look good just hanging in the rack, but if you get attracted to the fabric or the style it means that that dress or clothe has potential... just try it on, you'll be surprised to know that it look better in a body than in the hanger.

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