Sunday, February 08, 2009

pretty dress from ukay ukay

i really really love this dress though i haven't wear it yet, tried it on twice and i love the way it hugs my body... cant wait to wear it now that i washed it (oh yeah been busy and i havent really got the time to wash it (been sitting in the hamper for weeks now) .

anyways, am so glad that my cousin is taller than myself, because she was visiting at our house (actually she stayed for a couple of days because she's finishing her masterals) when i tired this dress on and showed my mother. she really like it as well and the only reason why she didnt took it away from is yeah she's taller than me and as it is this dress is just the right length (knee length) with my height. hehehe great that it wont fit her because i know i cant say no to her if she asked me to give her this one. but anyways i gave her a very nice black top with a really wicked button collar (dang i forgot to take a photo of that blouse before giving it to her)

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CLOUDS said...

wow i like it, I also love ukay ukay clothes, I just recently bought LV wallet for only 50 pesos, pinaayos ko lng sya pero sobrang ok pa ang inside.

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