Wednesday, January 28, 2009

black is in

black is in! well black has never really been out of fashion anyways...
if you would see my closet specially before my wardrobe consists of blacks only, and a few splashes of white and some earth tone colors but black has always dominated my closet. because black clothes is so universal and very easy to match with any color or occasion.

nuff said, aint this blouse something? and thanks to my ever willing model hehehe. oh yeah it is from ukay ukay :D

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3 for 100 dress

another one of my 3 for 100pesos dress from ukay-ukay :D

Monday, January 19, 2009

u2 top

pusa wearing a U2 for ladies top from ukay ukay. gotta raid the ukay ukay stores again! it's been a while since i last visited an ukay ukay store. oh by the way if you're at makati area, connor's retro clothing is having a 70% off sale of their great ukay ukay items, so if you have the time do visit them at Cityland 8, pasong tamo. see ya there ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


brrr its cold these days and its kinda hard to wake up in the morning because all you wanna do is lie down and sleep all day long. as y'all know it is seldom we experience this kind of cold weather here in the philippines and boy i'm so glad that i've got tons of long sleeves from ukay ukay, fits the weather perfectly. so for those of you whining that most ukay ukay stuff you see doesn't fit the philippine weather, well now is the time to rethink and buy you sweaters and jackets from ukay ukay! :) really you'll find great jackets from ukay ukay at a very affordable price.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

black ukay ukay

i can say that of all my ukay ukay finds, this blouse is my favorite! it is black velvet and it feels so good in my skin, looks elegant and can be worn in parties and chic for a simple night out with the girls. hehehe no i am not selling it to you...

ruffles kung ruffles hehehe. do you notice the nice floral patterned sequins embroidered at the bottom? i love it

:)i cant remember how much is this black ukay ukay top but i'm certain it's below 100 pesos.

Friday, January 09, 2009

bcbg dress

Thursday, January 08, 2009

shirt or sleep wear

am wearing an ukay ukay shirt/polo which is bigger than my size O(it's my mother who bought it for me hence the size hehehe) anyways i am not complaining, sometimes i prefer to wear clothes two sizes bigger.
it actually feels like i'm wearing pajamas hehehehe, you know how pajamas have the same stripe and cool blue color.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

ukay ukay top

dont you just love shopping at ukay ukay? i do! :)

got this cute top for only 45 pesos (about 1USD) only

dressing up

"Every time you dress up, you discover a little more of yourself..." ~ Hello Kitty

Oh yeah, a word of wisdom from the most lovable feline who doesn't have a mouth! :)
So take the time today to check out your closet and see if you have your LBD or special dress and play dress, you might be surprise to find yourself enjoying this game, i do! :)

and if in case you dont have a special dress or something really nice that make you real feel good whenever you wear it, i suggest you go out now and hunt that special dress from your nearest ukay ukay store =)

Oh btw, anyone here who happens to come across this blog would know where i can find hello kitty stuff from ukay ukay, as you have gathered i am a big hello kitty fan and i would love to find cheap hello kitty stuff, argh why does she have to be expensive! LOL but please do email me or leave a comment if you know where to find a hello kitty ukay ukay haven.

fashion on a budget

enjoy the unique ukay-ukay shopping experience, stay chic and fashionable without hurting your budget - get ready to look like a million bucks for less