Tuesday, January 06, 2009

dressing up

"Every time you dress up, you discover a little more of yourself..." ~ Hello Kitty

Oh yeah, a word of wisdom from the most lovable feline who doesn't have a mouth! :)
So take the time today to check out your closet and see if you have your LBD or special dress and play dress, you might be surprise to find yourself enjoying this game, i do! :)

and if in case you dont have a special dress or something really nice that make you real feel good whenever you wear it, i suggest you go out now and hunt that special dress from your nearest ukay ukay store =)

Oh btw, anyone here who happens to come across this blog would know where i can find hello kitty stuff from ukay ukay, as you have gathered i am a big hello kitty fan and i would love to find cheap hello kitty stuff, argh why does she have to be expensive! LOL but please do email me or leave a comment if you know where to find a hello kitty ukay ukay haven.

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