Tuesday, January 13, 2009

black ukay ukay

i can say that of all my ukay ukay finds, this blouse is my favorite! it is black velvet and it feels so good in my skin, looks elegant and can be worn in parties and chic for a simple night out with the girls. hehehe no i am not selling it to you...

ruffles kung ruffles hehehe. do you notice the nice floral patterned sequins embroidered at the bottom? i love it

:)i cant remember how much is this black ukay ukay top but i'm certain it's below 100 pesos.

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aiMz said...

fabulous! natuwa kami ng mommy ko sa blog mo kasi naguukay din kami e. heheh. more on shorts, skirts and boots naman ang tinitignan ko lagi. keep posting ha!

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