Thursday, February 26, 2009

3rd floor ukay ukay store

this is the at 3rd floor of the ukay ukay store at hildago street in quiapo,... and i am telling you this store is BIG! about 600 square meters in size so you could imagine how much ukay ukay stuff you can find here!
as with all other ukay ukay stores, the prices for "old stuff" are at a bargain price like 50 pesos each or 3 for 100 thingy... but the new arrivals price range is from 80 pesos

see these shoes? heheheh i didnt like any and most of the shoes they're selling aren't good or i guess the good ones were already gone :)

really tons and tons of clothes, shirts, jeans, dress, shorts, as in everything... the last time i visited this shop they were even selling cup D brassieres! LOL OMG i playfully put one of the cap in my head, could pass as a hat :)
they even have bed covers on sale :D

if you're really looking for a bargain ukay ukay store around metro manila, quaipo and carriedo street is the place you should go to. because i know bambang is a well known ukay ukay store but trust me those guys over there are selling their stuff at a marked up price and they are already separating the "signature" items form the rest.. unlike in this store, or any other store at avenida and quiapo, you just have to have the patience and time to look for a really great find.

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chelzy said...

hi! just wana ask the exact directions or from PGH how to go at the ukay ukay store in quiapo??

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