Saturday, August 16, 2008

ukay ukay shopping tips

you like the dress? i bought it for less than 35 pesos only! yep less than 35 pesos folks! bought it on sale at 3 for 100 in an ukay ukay store at Monumento (near the mercury store). ready to shop at ukay ukay now?

here are some tips when shopping at ukay ukay

1. wear comfortable clothes - i guess that is self explanatory

2. learn how negotiate - in short makipagtawaran ka, bring out you best haggling bud or practice the art of haggling. remember there are no fixed price at ukay ukay stores! it would help if you buy more items for a greater discount.

3. dress down - how can you haggle if you are wearing your baro't saya or tuxedo at ukay ukay? they'll figure you can pay more and dont need a discount at all

4. ask when is the new arrival schedule - the best stuff are in the first box opened. a bit expensive than their "sale" items which are usually napagpilian na.

5. be charming - you dont need to hit on the saleslady/salesboy or pakyut, you just have to be nice and they'll give you extra service. and when you get to know them and becomes their suki you can even ask them to text you when is their new arrival coming.

6. know your size - i find shopping at ukay ukay very easy, because one look at a dress or shirt i already know that it will fit, i dont even need to try it on. besides soem ukay ukay store doesnt have a fitting room, just one full length mirror.

7. grab what you like - trust me on this one. its better that you get heaps of clothes dangling in your arm than be sorry to find that the item you liked is no longer in the rack, or you cant actually remember where you saw it.

8. check, check, check - make sure that before you pay for the item, you already check if the zipper is ok, no buttons are missing, no stains.


chuva said...

hanep! Paki bili mo naman ako ng step-in na brand name!! hahaha! love it love it love it!!

pusa said...

@chuva - heheh anong size ang paa mo at anong btrand, bibilihan kita ng 2! :)

YoungCan said...

SAMA mo ako sa ukayyyyyyyyyyy heheheh syet jan na lang pala ako mag shopping ng damit hehehe, lalo na pag stressa ako sus... Mura pa Uhg,,,

pusa said...

@young - hehehe tara ng mag-ukay!!! maganda na mura pa!

Amor said...

naku, parang gusto ko yan ah! San ba may magandang ukay-ukay? Dati noong nasa Marikina pa kami, meron akong tinitingnan sa Cubao, pero di ko maalala kung nakabili ako. Salamat sa tip, sa totoo lang di ako marunong tumawad, patawad po, haha!

betchai said...

you're starting great, and great picture to encourage others to follow. and great tips too. keep it up.

geannaweed said...

i love the dressssss!!!!

pusa said...

@amor - naku sis maraming may magandang ukay ukay na stores, d2 sa may pasong tamo malapit sa burger machine tabi tabi un ukayan, sa me quiapo meron din at sa bambang. i'll feature them soon here wait mo lang :)

@betchai - thanks! actually that's what i'm planning to do, encourage more people to shop at ukay ukay hehehe

@genna - hoy himala nagcomment ang lola, sis baka gusto mo rin ako sendan ng pix mo, mag feature rin ako ng friends ;)

fortuitous faery said...

my "big-boned" body could hardly score clothing that fits at ukay-ukay...but it's still fun to do the ukay-ation.

pusa said...

@fortuitous faery - sayang pero im sure marami ka rin makikita, kc i know someone who is also big boned who scored her chic clothes from ukay.

uy ayos na term yan a ukay-ation :)

Question said...

San bang ukay ukay yan? ang gaganda naman!

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