Friday, August 15, 2008

ukay ukay 101

welcome and let me share with you my wonderful finds at ukay ukay!

but first let me give you UKAY UKAY 101

what is ukay ukay? ukay ukay is Visayan for sift through or dig up. or for the tagalogs short form from halukay. or to make it sound more sosyal, we call them U.K. you get to find the best bargains by digging them or sifting through the items, or literally dusting them off. considered to be the best phenomenon to ever hit the Philippines. :)

ukay ukay is jologs! NOT! yes bargains from ukay ukay are cheap and very affordable, but patrons of the ukay ukay are not only the minimum wage earner trying to make ends meet but also some upscale fashionista on the hunt for one-of-a-kind quality outfits.

ukay ukay is unique. i am telling you it is better to shop at ukay ukay because your finds are unique and it is less likely that you'll bump into another person wearing the same outfit. and besides a 1000 peso dress in the mall that is produced by the thousands is worth less than 100 in ukay ukay and you are sure that it is a one of a kind in the whole archipelago.

ukay ukay fashion.
amidst the economic crisis, the ukay ukay has become the Filipino’s practical way of staying chic and fashionable. cheap but fashionable, i repeat - cheap but fashionable! you get to look like a million bucks even if you're wearing a less than 1$ dress.

ukay ukay on hygiene. some snobbish and OC person shriek at the tohgout of wearing a used clothing, but haller of course we ukay ukay buyers wash and clean the garments thoroughly before wearing them! well i cant really blame you cause at the height of the meningococcemia outbreak at Baguio the ukay ukay's name was tarnished but then again that didnt kill the ukay ukay industry.

ukay ukay shopping. shopping at ukay ukay is a unique experience, sure it isn't really glamourous sifting through dusty clothes but nontheless its worth every sweat! actually its better to shop at ukay ukay who doesnt have aircon because you'll get to find cheaper items in those hole in the wall shop.

enjoy!!! :)


YoungCan said...

Nako, baka mabasa ni ANNA DIONISIO ito hehehe laitin ka...

pusa said...

hehehehe wa pakels :)

Nina Lumberio said...

go girl :)

pusa said...

@nina - salamat sa pagdalaw :D

betchai said...

good luck to your new blog. i really like your idea of promoting buying cheap but looking like more than a milion worth :) . you have great picture btw, and the dress, wow, if that is an ukay-ukay then am sure many would indeed go your direction. i also used to shop in ukay ukay when i was in the philippines and i thoroughly enjoyed it. now, i still maitain that idea of budget shopping without killing my savings. again, well wishes on your blog.

pusa said...

@betchai - tnx a lot!! hehehe alam naman ang pinoy mahilig sa bargain :)

yes, the dress im wearing in the photo is from ukay, and it's only less than 35 pesos noh, kc 3 for 100 sya nun nabili ko :D

reyna elena said...

GURL! am loving this already! hehehe!!! pag me cute boys sa ukay ukay, pikturaka mo na rin hehehe

pusa said...

@reyna elena - welcome sa aking ukayan hehehe, sureness pupuslit tayo ng piktyur ng boylet

SHIELA said...

korek ka dyan. when i was still in PH i used to buy things from ukay2x. good luck to your new blog. it is very interesting.

pusa said...

@shiela - thanks, nd mo ba namimiss mag ukay ukay jan sa UK? hehehe

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