Monday, September 15, 2008

jacket from UK

One thing i love about ukay ukay is that they offer tons and tons of jackets, a million jackets to choose from is not an exaggeration! I know, we live in the Philippines and we dont really need jackets for about 11months (we only do get cold weather during christmas season i know!) but then again, jackets are a really nice snuggle outfit especially here in this thypoon infested country that we live in hehehe


Gem said...

I need that! It's cold up here! Those ukay-ukay stores should re-think about selling their sweater and jacket pieces in cold places in the Philippines.

I also notice that at times it gets cold in Manila, especially during a typhoon.

Speaking of cold places, I hope this warms up your day! Cheers!

pusa said...

@gem - thanks a lot! sweet :D

Ken said...

You're one of the Best of Cyber Pinoys site for September 2008 at

Naomi said...

wow...that jackets surely is a best find! and definitely looks good on you. I hardly find great stuff at uk, cguro because of my big size na rin.


Anonymous said...

hi, i need winter clothes for my trip to uk and the states. where i can i buy fab trench coats (wool preferably), hats, boots, and other porma winter clothes

pusa said...

@ken - thanks for recognizing this new blog :)

@naomi - it is, when it was fairly new (i already worn it out) my friends and new acquaintance would ask where i bought it and i always get a shock disbelief reaction when i told them i got it from ukayukay hehehe

maybe di ka lang nakakkita or give up ka agad sa paghanap, maraming big sized jackets sa ukay na magaganda

@anonymous - i'd recommend you try and check out those ukay ukay shops at pasong tamo near buendia, yung street sa may malapit sa tropical hut store, marami dun mga coats na magaganda

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