Monday, September 29, 2008

sweet hopia

presenting my first guest for our ukay ukay nation fashion - Sweet Hopia, a cool gal who can work out ukay ukay fashion clothes like a rock chic

Blouse: No brand. Black with embroidery and beads- P50 (>$1)
Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger Denim Skirt - P90 (<$2) 
Shoes: Les Fleur Cowboy Boots- P100 (>$2)

arent you green with envy? a complete outfit for only 240 pesos!!!


Gem said...

Ayos! Kala ko yung bata ang model ng ukay ukay hahaha! Nice boots at mura pa.

Maria said...

love the boots! hehehe :)

pusa said...

gem - winner diba!

pusa said...

@maria - very nice find noh

Shabem® said...

I love the boots. The ukay2x concept is genius!

pusa said...

@shabem - welcome to my blog, oh yeah ukay ukay rules!!! hehehe

mirage2g said...

Go Razz! I also like her boots, ayaw naman pa-arbor lol.

I really like looking around your ukay finds! Keep it up!

pusa said...

@mirage2g - yeah ang cute talaga, LOL arborin ba hehehehe pabili ka na lang :)

arkitek_lea said...

waaaah. i loooooooove the boots! hahaha. napadpad ako dito just because i am trying to search for western boots! i've never tried buying ukay here in the city. suggestions? =p

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