Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ukay ukay for men

my first post showing ukay ukay men :) yep, its not only girls who's into ukay ukay, men too!

actually if yoiu're a regular ukay ukay shopper you'd notice that these ukay ukay stores carry tops for men, branded shirts and jackets.  they even have very nice cargo shorts for men.

this dunhill long sleeves is worth 250pesos, bought at one of the ukay ukay stores within cubao.


Ken said...

I love the concept of ukay ukay. In the 60's, they used to call it 'relief' as in relief goods. There were tales of people getting rich as they find dollar bills in the pockets.

itot54joni said...

c fpj nabuhay.ahehehe

pusa said...

@ken - yeah i've heard those stories too! wish i could find treasure in my ukay ukay pockets one day :D

@itot54 - LOL, c martin daw sha!!! hahahaha

Gem said...

Wow! What a guy! Iba ang dating! Taken already?

Just kidding!

itot54joni said...

parang natutulog lang.ahehehe

pusa said...

@gem - ngek! LOL mubait yan kaya nga napapayag (errr pinilit nya ako) mag-pose hahahaha. uu taken na sya

@itot - hahahah bad ka itot LOL, baka gusto mong maFPJ na suntok hahahah jowk

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