Wednesday, October 15, 2008

thank you

today, this blog is officially 3 months old and i would like to thank all of you for visiting, dropping EC, and leaving your comments in this humble ukay ukay blog of mine.

many thanks to my models - dhey, rachel, and bien... and to my photographer leslie for taking the time to take my pictures for posting in this blog

also a big thanks to those of you who emailed me your great ukay ukay finds and allowed me to share it to the world, thank you sweet hopia, pam, and cymbie

a warm thank you to reyna elena for promoting the ukay ukay cover gurl blog on her very successful and famous blog

thank you also to kotseng kuba for he said that i won 1000EC for reasons i still do not know till now hehehe

and i am really happy and surprised to receive the following awards from these generous bloggers:

i love your blog from FatherlYours

lovely butterfly award and two roses from Gem

butterfly award for the coolest blog from Abelle

again thank you so much!!! hoping to still see you around and more great ukay ukay finds for us



reyna elena said...

kita tayu, bloggers nite hehehe

pusa said...

reynz see yah tom :D

kotsengkuba said...

nareceive mo ba yung 1K credits? parang nag-error ang hinayupak na entrecard e ;-)

abelle | Only in Silence said...

maraming salamat din purrr! ;o)

pusa said...

@KK - wala pa, baka naharang ng mga sundalo ng great wall!!! :)

@abelle - meow welcome :)

kotsengkuba said...

ni-try ko ulit. ang sabi 1K per week lang ang pwede isend. HMP!

yaan mo next week masesend ko din to. lols

pusa said...

@kk - hay naku ewan ko ba jan sa entrecard, sige lang wait ko na lang hehehehe thanks ulet :)

Ftaherlyours said...

Thank you ha sa link and Nice meeting you and reyna elena during the blogger's night. first time ko umatend such an event.Lam mo naman site ko,alang bumabasa. hehehe

pusa said...

@FatherlYours - no problem, it was nice meeting you too, anong walang bumabsa, basa ko blog mo noh hehehe

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