Tuesday, October 14, 2008


calling the attention of UAE OFWs :) here is pam again encouraging you to shop at ukay ukay, i am now considering working at UAE just to shop at an ukay ukay there :D

really, her great finds are amazing, and according to her brand new clothes are so expensive in UAE, and finding great buys at ukay ukay really helps.

- a black Zara top for 3dirhams (less than 40pesos)
- Mango pants for 10 dirhams (about 130pesos, not bad considering that a brand new Mango pants is worth abouth 100+ dirhams)
- check out the purse, a 10dirham Mango purse. ay lab it!


Gem said...

Yay! Another good find. Like you, kinuha rin nila sa backdrop of buildings! Splendid find!

pusa said...

@gem - very good find indeed!!!

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