Wednesday, October 15, 2008

arm span

yao ming's arm span is just a bit longer than mine! LOL

but ignore the arm's length, just check out my top which i found at ukay ukay for 50 pesos. i really like to wear this top especially when it is cold, even though it is sleeveless it has an inner lining that makes you feel warm. and i really love the collar/scarf


betchai said...

you look so happy there, keep smiling

Gem said...

Is that really the height of that handsome guy? Grabe nadwarf ka, pati yung arm's length.

The top looks very nice! Looks like it is better worn in Baguio, hehehe. You just said that it kept you warm.

Ken said...


pusa said...

@betchai - yeah it was such a fun night when that photo was taken, thanks :D

@gem - yeah sobrang laki ni yao ming no?
thanks! hay naku sinabi mo pa kung ako lang ang tiga-baguio kakaririn ko ang ukay ukay jan ng mga winter clothes hehehe, rampage kung rampage LOL

@ken - sino? si yao ming? LOL ;)

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