Thursday, November 06, 2008

shoe addict

well not really a shoe addict but i really admire Razielle for her knack of finding very nice ukay ukay stuff, and here's her collection of shoes from a local ukay ukay store in cavite, each pair only cost 100 pesos!

my personal favorite in this shoe collection is the white pod lace up mocassins, to see more details about the shoes please click here.

according to this ukay ukay cinderalla belle the ukay ukay shop in silang, cavite always have an ukay ukay sale every two months. now i should try to put a mark on my calendar, gotta ask her when is the next sale :)


razielle said...

thank you for the post and the link(s) :)

I always find shoes from ukay because I have no patience to look for clothes that will fit my fat body :p With shoes- one look and I know if it has porma potential and if it will fit me :)

Will take a photo of the shop and send it to you when they go on sale again. Then maybe you can post a sale announcement and the address of the shop for your readers :)

Again, thank you and happy ukay-shopping :)

chloe said...

wow...ganda naman...muka pang bago:)

pusa said...

@razielle - no problem and you're always welcome to grace my blog. sige sige please paki-picture para kung me mga readers na tiga cavite makabili rin sila jan :)

@chloe - ang galing ano? gusto ko rin talga makapunta dun

chloe said...

kaya nga po eh...
maTry nga minsan ^_^

Annie said...

Kick ass cowboy boots. :)

pusa said...

@chloe - heheheh pwede tayo makisabay at magpama kay razielle :)

@annie - yeah!!! very cool boots

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