Tuesday, November 04, 2008

my ukay ukay is down

wahhhh www.myukayukay.com is still inaccessible :(

i've purchased the domain from blogger last nov.1 and was advised that the new address should work after at most 3 days. But its been 4 days now and it is still NOT WORKING!!! ARGHHH!

what have i done wrong? or rather what is it that i didn't do? i have purchased a domain from blogger before and after a few hours my www.heyokity.com was already working properly, so what is the problem with this blog? argh i cant even comment in my own blog! sigh can anyone help me with this? i know you can't comment as well, please do email me at heyokity(@)yahoo.com or drop me a comment in my personal blog, thanks a lot!

google replied to my query but i really had trouble following th einstructions on customizing the DNS settings *grabe nosebleed!* LOL but anywas what i did was revert the settings back to blogspot.com and when i checked that its working already i tried poiting it to the cutom domain which is the ww.myukayukay.com. 


BK said...

Congrats on the new purchased domain! :)

pusa said...

BK - thank you and welcome to my blog :)

betchai said...

wow, new domain, it means ukay ukay is really going well for you, that's so great! i like the concepts of tis blog, and also i like it that you welcome other ukya ukay finds from willing models. keep up the great work :)

pusa said...

@betchai - yeah sort of getting there LOL feeling k lang yun. thanks for believing and your visits i really appreciate it

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