Friday, November 07, 2008

oh mickey!

Oh mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind weheheehhe napakanta pa ako :)
would you believe that my model's outfit in this photo is only 205 pesos. uh huh just 205 pesos for the whole outfit. compared to clothes sold at the malls where the lowest price you can get for a shirt is 100 pesos this is really a good bargain. where else can you buy inexpensive clothes? only at ukay ukay!!!

mickey mouse shirt - P40
colored skinny jeans - P100
shoes - P65


Snow said...

I love mickey and the song sis! It reminds me of my cheerleading days in high school. ^_^

off topic - im so glad that i can finally comment here. i really dont know if my pc has a glitch or something last time.

cheers, snow ^_^

pusa said...

@snow - heheheheh nadalaw ng mumu an gblog ko kaya di gumagana nun undas!

fatherlyours said...

minsan nga mag pasama ako sa iyo ha.medyo mahina ako sa pag hahanap ng great itmes for a great bargain price.
Snow-parang lahat ng mapuntahan ko na site andun ang comment mo. hehehe.

pusa said...

@fatherlyours - hehehe sige ba, meron na rin ukay ukay jan sa 3rd floor ng grand central ah, pero mas mahal compared dun sa pwesto sa may circle un malapit sa may mercury :)

Laane said...

Looks great!

Compliments for shopping and having a happy wallet afterwards.

pusa said...

@laane - thanks for gracing my blog, yeah great shopping at ukay ukay with a happy wallet :D

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