Saturday, August 08, 2009

my ukay ukay in a mag

i know it has been a while since i posted an entry here... sorry to my few readers which i think is now down to zero... and i'm also sorry to those who sent email enquiries i haven;t got time to answer all of you... let's just say that a lot is going on in my offline life, and i haven't really visited any ukay ukay shop for such a long time now (gasp! i cant believe it myself)

but anyways i am temporarily breaking my silence to let you know guys, as what the suggest, that one of the articles that i posted here found its way on a magazine! wheeeeeee =)

thank you Light Touch Magazine especially to Ms. Myra del Rosario. (PS i receive them last Aug, thanks again)


Mahalia said...

congrats! WOW! published ka na!

chuva said...

Wow Tita! Di ko nakita tooooooooooooooo!! Congrats!! Sikat kana pala!!

Tutti Patuti said...

i've been looking at your site na.. haha ang cute nang mga damit mo tapos mura pa!!! saan ka nagbibili

Tutti Patuti said...

saan ka nagshop ? ! u have some cute cheap stuff in here ~

Semidoppel said...

naks galing nasa magazine pa

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