Sunday, March 15, 2009

ukay ukay at baguio

visited baguio, the ukay ukay capital *wink* but unfortunately my stay at the mountain city was too short and i wasnt really able to get out and hunt those really cool and cheap ukay ukay finds, but i have managed to get 2 shirts, and one of those shirts is a hello kity shirt *big grin* which i will post soon.
anyways you can find the best and cheapest ukay ukay finds at the baguio market, as in yun sa wet market. but the best time to visit the wet market is between 6-7 am, 12noon-1pm, and 5pm, but since i was doing some touristy stuff i wasnt able to visit the wet market at all! waaaahhh sigh, well anyways there's still next time :D

also, i know that what used to be bayanihan hotel is now a big ukay ukay store, so if you're visiting baguio this summer go and check out their ukay ukay.
i was only able to visit the ukay ukay shops along session road, actually it is a whole building dedicated to selling ukay ukay stuff but the prices are similar to those in manila, or i didnt dig or stayed long enough to find the best deals. well anyways the prices are still okay and the first night i tried visiting the ukay ukay stores, most of them were already closed! sigh but dont worry i visited them again the next night and found more stores open. will post more

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