Saturday, December 20, 2008

ukay ukay not

meet up with my friends last night at the Mall of Asia and before dinner we decided to shop, and this is why i hate shopping at the malls... you see a beautiful dress but the price is beautiful too (read: expensive)
when we entered maldita shop this is the dress that caught my attention, i love the details on its collar and found out that it has pearls as well (hmmmm reason why the dress is expensive? but i cant be real pearls noh!)
waaaaa i cant forced myself to shell out 1900 pesos for this single dress! arghhh no matter how much i loved it i just have to let it go...

the most expensive dress i bought from ukay ukay cost me 225 pesos and i already call it expensive, sigh really once you go ukay ukay shopping you cant go back to the "mall prices"

so if i buy this single dress its already equivalent to more than 8 ukay ukay dresses!!!

so what do you think?


Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

Honestly speaking you look like very pretty with this dress. Just to give an idea about prices: may you please convert those pesos in $USA or €Euro ?

reyna elena said...

i think that would fit me well. hehehe

pusa said...

@fabrizio - thanks! right now its 46pesos = 1$, so its almost 42$

@reyna - i know!!!

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

You were right. It's not really cheap... But fits wear and you look like so pretty that I didn't have any doubt if to buy it or not :-)

Snow said...

Naku oks lang gurl, you looks so divine in that white dress. Eye-catching coz' it fits you well.

Happy holidays sis!



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